Efficiency of TV Advertising Spots Promoting Non-alcoholic Drink Kofola

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Andrea Bolčáková
Veronika Gašparíková
Ľudmila Nagyová

The main objective of the submitted paper is to investigate the impact of emotional appeals used in advertisements of traditional soft drink Kofola on consumers. Kofola beverage advertising strategy is based on tradition, history and quality. Within the article the most successful advertising campaigns and commercials are characterized that provides a basis for the assessment of emotional appeals in Kofola advertising. Evaluation of the impact of advertising on consumers was based on the information obtained from a questionnaire survey on a random sample of 203 respondents in the select district. The questionnaire survey was focused on the analysis of relationships, attitudes, and consumer associations with successful advertising campaigns and TV spots of Kofola drink. The intention was also to determine the factors influencing consumer perception through statistical testing of the existence and the intensity of dependence of observed responses from consumers’ characteristics. In this contribution psychological appeals of TV advertisement spots of Kofola were evaluated. Into the consideration four ad spots were taken: “Nude beach”, “Simply, she is not made from sugar”, “Love is no science” and “Right Slovak Christmas with Kofola”. Individual appeals were evaluated using data gathered from questionnaire survey made in the select district. In generally, respondents perceive commercials positively, there are just some differences between opinions of men and women as well as between young and older people.

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Bolčáková, A., Gašparíková, V., & Nagyová, Ľudmila. (2012). Efficiency of TV Advertising Spots Promoting Non-alcoholic Drink Kofola. Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW, Polityki Europejskie, Finanse I Marketing, (7(56), 5–19. Pobrano z https://pefim.sggw.edu.pl/article/view/1477


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